For my first blog, I feel like an account of what happened at the CMC is more than appropriate.  That place

changed my life. Or, the people that I met did. I don’t think I will ever be the same!

I must confess, I didn’t feel this way initially. I stepped foot in Nashville, TN kind of skeptical, certainly scared, and all my guards up! I didn’t know what to expect! 28 random people from all over the country who I am supposed to make music with? All the CMC profs were convinced that this was going to work. I remember the first night we were there. We all sat down in a circle, and shared our biggest fears of the semester. I was completely honest-what did I have to lose? Failure. Inadequacy. Not “making it” as a musician. We were all in the same boat, and we were all scared! It gave us permission to confide in each other. That night was the beginning of a wonderful adventure, where music was just the background, highlighting the true story of CMC Semester 22!

As a student in the artist track, we were required to submit a song to Rick Elias, our songwriting professor, to critique and rework. One of my biggest fears of going to CMC was being criticized! I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle it! Meanwhile, I was the first song that he looked at. My heart was beating so fast! I was deathly afraid of what he might say. I sat in a chair right there with my lyrics on a huge screen with everybody watching and listening.  The song needed an overhaul, and I spent the next several days working hard to make the song better!  I learned that day that songs are a tangible expression of the heart, but the focus is always the song. I learned to always be open and ready to improve a song so it can express what needs to be said in the best way possible.  I realized that criticism can be a good thing, and to never be afraid of it.

More to come on my time at the Contemporary Music Center…


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