The Unraveling Process


An integral part of my CMC journey was self-evaluation.  I started realizing that I was more of a risk-taker than I thought. I realized that I loved to be crazy. I embraced my uniqueness. I celebrated my friends’ uniqueness, and rejoiced in the untamed heart. I discovered a deep inner process that is occurring inside my heart.

One of these self-evaluatory revelations was the tangled webs that infest the human heart, and the process of redemption that God imparts by sitting down with us and unraveling it.  I know that I’ve been in an intense “unraveling” process for a while now.  A part of the human condition is wrestling with insecurity, poor self-esteem, negative body-image, which tends to directly correlate with a twisted understanding of who God is. All of those things are the twisted strands that make up a tangled web.  God’s love and peace unbraids all of that, however.  God invited me on a journey of discovering who He is, and He is Love. God is Love. Three words that have an entire universe of meaning, but are so simple.  I realized today that the Narrow Path that Christ refers to might be this process. I think it means many things, but for me in this moment, it’s that beautiful, simple, straight, and narrow line.  The Narrow Way that is free of legalities, inadequacies, insecurity, and the like.  It’s full of peace, purity, simplicity, and it is always composed of love.  Jesus was always full of simplicity, and that’s why people hated him. His Spirit encourages me to trust Him, like a child, and let go of the fear. Let go of the overanalyzing, and embrace the Way. The Way that leads to life, to peace, to righteousness. The Way of Love. I am thankful to God for this untangling process, and I would never go back.

Furthermore, I encourage anybody who reads this to embrace themselves, and embrace each other, and to never settle. Always let yourself flow freely, without any tangles.


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