The year that changed everything.

I remember sitting on the back porch of my apartment in Brentwood, TN in early February 2012. I gazed out at the huge curvaceous mountain tops, and saw all the sparkling lights spread out across them. And I saw the bright CMC light staring back at me. I KNEW right then and there that something about my life was going to change forever. 

Many called 2012 the end of everything. But for me, it felt like the explosive beginning. New places, new friendships, even new family members. 

It’s the year I turned 21! 

I never thought 21 would be more than a “rite of passage” so to speak to becoming a “real” young adult. Whatever that means.

Instead, 2012 brought a little more excitement than that. I had the privilege of…

1) Living in Nashville for a semester to study contemporary music and the music business

2) Writing 5 songs that I was actually proud of.

3) Meeting a group of artists, musicians, and thinkers who I call life-long friends.

4) Meeting a tall, dark-haired, kind of edgy Pacific Northwesterner named Austin who captivated my heart.

5) Flying on a plane for the first time, by myself. Where to? Portland, Oregon, to visit Austin.

6) Driving to Seattle to visit the Space Needle, Pike’s Place Market, and all the sights and sounds of the Grunge capital, where some of my favorite artists emerged.

7) Climbing a beautiful mountain at Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

8) Visiting a snowy dormant volcano, called Mount Hood in the Great Northwest.

9) Experiencing a new birth in the family, sweet Baby Nate!

10) Releasing my first ever EP, titled Tension & Release, that expressed all of the emotions, thoughts, experiences that encompassed this exhilarating year.

Who knew? That bright Tennessee light was right! 🙂 

Happy New Year! I wonder what 2013 will bring?


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