Frustration! Boiling point! EXPLODE!

This is the story of SNAP!


SNAP! is the fiery, angsty introduction to Tension & Release.

February 2012. Right up until that point, my life was me dragging and heaving some sort of burden that would never let up. As the heaping hill continued its fearsome height, the burden grew all the heavier.

It felt like a cable car. I’m not sure how those skinny black cords carry the enormous weight of a vehicle like that on the hills of San Francisco, but in this story, my cable snapped! And there was no going back!



Thus, the punk rock song was born. I had never written a song quite like this before, so I went to none other than my good friend Mel Kohr, the fiery punky red head that I had the privilege of befriending at the CMC. We swapped ideas. We brainstromed. I had this chorus in my head. This simple melody that kept hammering in my head. And this picture…a heavy vehicle suspended on a wire that just, snapped. The gravel of the hilly road. The sweltering sun overhead. And the swift winds pushing me forward. AND, all the fierce emotions to go with it. Before I knew it, there it was! It was my first genuine co-write, and it was one of the most enjoyable writing experiences I’ve had so far!


Letting go of something abruptly is liberating and jarring at the same time.

Have you had any experiences where you had to let go of something or someone “abruptly” or “immediately”, because it was only damaging you in some way?

Feel free to share!

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