Central Florida native Kamber is a natural storyteller. Heavily influenced by Imogen Heap, Kamber paints a picture with each lyric she pens. Paired with her distinct vocals, the emerging artist hopes passion and depth are evident in and through her craft.
She separates her musical endeavors into what she calls “two different veins”. There are elements of ambient, alternative pop, as well as a post-grunge feel that she describes as “rock-tronica” in her music. These various levels of her sound are influenced and inspired by the weightier material of bands such as Flyleaf, Foo Fighters, Underoath and Nirvana, to the lighter feel of Gungor, Plumb and Mutemath.
Kamber grew up practicing and leading worship music in the church and has come to find herself longing to write on weightier subject matters, as her music has more of an edge to it. Fellow CMC students say that Kamber’s music is more than sound; it’s an experience every time she’s onstage. She explains, “I’m a storyteller, I feel like that’s my [way to] worship.”
Kamber drew from deeply personal stories in her most recent songs “Black, Blue and Gray” and “Snap!” Although it can be difficult to be transparent in songwriting, the emotion bleeds into her performance seamlessly, making the hardships worthwhile.
As she continues to learn and hone her craft, Kamber sees that the music is not fading from view, “I keep listening, I keep singing, and I keep writing. It’s just not going away!”


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