KAMBER – Hurry Up EP

Since moving to Nashville almost a year and a half ago, I’m happy to say I’ve been quite busy! I formed a band with my long-time friend Jase Hackman on guitar, my wonderful boyfriend Austin Huelsbeck on bass guitar, and Phoenix to Nashville transplants Paul Carter and Justin Nelson on guitar and drums. Such an incredible group of guys. I was absolutely amazed the first time we played our first songs together in rehearsal, which were “Black, Blue, and Grey”, and “Lost in Music City”.

Most of you who take the time to read this probably know “Black, Blue, and Grey”. It was the most important song I wrote at my time studying in Nashville at a music program called the Contemporary Music Center. Something about that song broke many barriers in my heart, and I still feel that same intense passion every time I sing it.

The other song we rehearsed – “Lost in Music City” – was written after my time at the Contemporary Music Center was over. The first time we rehearsed it as a band, I wasn’t quite sure what the specific parts and arrangements needed to be. I had a basic outline, and released it to the guys for their own interpretation. We played it through and it flowed seamlessly. It was magic, and I love the way it turned out.

Finally, here we are in Music City, playing with some of the most talented musicians and artists I’ve ever met.

We decided it was time to make an EP.

I already knew which songs needed to be on it. It was time to tell our story – “Hurry Up”.


KAMBER – Hurry Up EP.

“Lost in Music City”

It was 2012 and I was on the edge of my 21st birthday. Austin and I had just met only weeks prior at the Contemporary Music Center (CMC), but there was something brewing in both of our hearts that would burst into the most dramatic and romantic chain of events I had ever experienced in my life.

I think both of us knew that the ever-present “muses” would never go away. It just won’t. We will never stop feeling excited about and inspired by music. The first time we strolled the busy streets of Music City, we knew we found our home.

An incredible hodge-podge of honky tonks, street musicians, whimsical neon lights, and a slew of people drawn to the same thing we were.

Meanwhile, we only had a few more weeks left until the inevitable had to happen. I needed to finish up my degree in Florida, and Austin had to return to Portland to do the same. It was a bit frightening, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. It wasn’t a question. We knew it had to happen and we were going to make it work, no matter how vast the distance. We clung to the music, and the hope that very soon, we would return to the amazing city that fed our obsession.


Wake me up with a burst of sunlight
Wash away the frantic fears of last night
I wanna go somewhere with you
Where everyone hears the music too

I wanna drive, never stop
I wanna go with you

Here we are with open hearts
Lost in, lost in, lost in Music City
Here we are with open hearts
Lost in, lost in, lost in Music City

Feel the rush as our worlds collide
Ocean tides and the dark clouded skies

I know we have a song to sing
Wild hearts and wild dreams

Don’t stop now
We’re on the edge!
I wanna run with you

Here we are with open hearts
Lost in, lost in, lost in Music City
Here we are with open hearts
Lost in, lost in, lost in Music City

Speeding through the blur of cars
Grasping at the brightest stars
Not bound by jaded stones from the past life
Forge the path we know is ours
Steady as the rising sun
Unfolding dreams in a chorus
Of our own hearts

Here we are with open hearts
Lost in, lost in, lost in Music City
Here we are with open hearts
Lost in, lost in, lost in Music City

“Hurry Up”

I remember the first stretch of time we had to spend apart. Austin drove down to Lakeland with me immediately after the CMC program ended, to meet my family and see the Sunshine State. The end of April came, and it felt like a piece of my heart had flown with him back to PDX. It hurt. A lot. I could not wait until the next month when I could go see him.

May came and it was time. I was counting down the days and preparing myself for my first plane ride. (Just a fun fact – it was my first trip in an airplane ever and I was traveling from FL to OR. Pull out a map, folks, it’s no quick trip). 😉

I stepped off the plane and found his familiar face within the crowds of people. I wasn’t ready for what I was about to see in this incredible city. Rolling peaks and valleys, stunning snowy mountains, and always a hint of moody melancholy skies.


The City of Roses was captivating me, and our love was only growing stronger.

Every time we would part, I could almost feel a rush of white noise interrupting our conversation. Text messages, phone conversations, Skype, and Facebook were our most important resources. We were so thankful for them. But it was never quite the same as being face to face. Living, breathing – together.

It was hard to communicate. I can’t tell you how many times we endured the silliest of arguments because we physically could not understand each other, due to poor reception or miscommunication. We would get so frustrated and angry sometimes! We were so ready to find what we were looking for – to live in the same city, and create music.

- HURRY UP - (1)

“Hurry Up”

Pitch black in this room
There’s a wrestling match in my head
Tasting love and pride
Sitting here
Crumpled in my bed

What were those words you said to me?
What was that I was screaming at you?
Why didn’t we just say I’m sorry?
Why didn’t we just say I love you?

Up in the mountains, the hills, and the music
Crimson passions inside us reaching

Where we stumbled into love
Where I couldn’t kiss you fast enough
Where we stumbled into love
Where I couldn’t kiss you fast enough

Now you’re so far away
Now you’re so far away
Now we’re so far away

What were those words you said to me?
What was that I was screaming at you?
Why didn’t we just say I’m sorry?
Why didn’t we just say I love you?

Hurry up, hurry up
Please forget all the words I said
Hurry up, hurry up
Please forget all the words I said

“City of Roses”

Sometimes it was easy to be angry. Resentful of the fact that he was so far away. The truth of our reality was easily distorted. Weathered from so many tears. However, hardship proved to bring so much strength and beauty. Very much like a blooming, yet thorny, rose.

Hurry Up… but WAIT.

It felt like time was our enemy when we were apart. But oh, how it quickly became our best friend when we were together. This is what fueled the chorus of the final track of the record – “City of Roses”.


Come with me
To the rolling valley
Misty moonlight
Feel the cool breeze
Breathing deeply
Hear the spruce trees release their softest sighs

The muted secret sun speaks so clearly
Swirling blues and grays of great mystery

Oh wild hearts,
Who can tame this love of ours?
Oh wild hearts,
Who can tame this love of ours?
The City of Roses waits for us.

Silver streams of urgent dreams
Push through massive open seams of time
Threading shut their embroidered schemes

Twists and turns of leafless trees
Fringe the edge of rainy streets
Scattered underneath the hazy skies

Oh wild hearts,
Who can tame this love of ours?
Oh wild hearts,
Who can tame this love of ours?
The City of Roses waits for us.

This is the story of the Hurry Up EP. As always, I hope you find your own stories and dreams in these songs, and get lost in the music. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for listening.


Download the Hurry Up EP at http://www.noisetrade.com/kambermusic/hurry-up

Find out more about KAMBER at http://www.facebook.com/kambermusic


Flipping the big page. On to Music City.

Music always makes me emotional, but something about choral music always seems to “widen” my soul and brings everything in its place. I think it’s the angels’ music of choice and the earth echoes back.

Tonight was the end-of-the-year choral concert at Lakeland Christian School. That school has been the longest relationship that I’ve had with any community. I’ve known some of these teachers for all my life. I was blessed with a part-time piano teaching job there this semester, and I’ve been able to save money and get ready to move to Nashville.

It finally hit me tonight, that this is the end. I graduated from Lakeland Christian in 2009, and attended and graduated college here in Lakeland. It never really felt like I had ever left, except for my short and life-changing stay at the Contemporary Music Center last Spring. I’ve had a “taste” of my future, but not quite the whole thing yet. In only 5 weeks, I will be driving north to Music City, to start this new life. I won’t get to see special people like my piano teacher of 12 years, and mentor for even longer than that, my grandparents, my parents, my brother, my friends I’ve had since middle school or earlier. This HUGE page is about to flip, and I have no idea what will be on the other side!

All of these people have shaped me, taught me, loved me, and have encouraged me in this path that I am on. God has given me a few moments of clarity these past few months, how he truly is guiding me and fulfilling the desires of my heart. 

Thank you Mom, for singing to me all sorts of songs since I was born. Thank you for always singing and performing, and showing me how important music is, and how fun it is. Thank you for giving me the gift of music.

Thank you, Mrs. Latham, for pushing me to be the best I can be. For dedicating your extra time to make sure I learn and grow as a musician and as a person.

Thank you, to all of my grandparents who came to every show, every concert, every recital, and always cheered me on.

Thank you to all of my friends, old and new, who are always so encouraging and loving. 

Thank you to my parents (all three) who always make sure I know the important things that no one else would tell me. Those nuts and bolts in life that I don’t know yet. 😉


I love you. I love you more than anything. Thank you. Thank you so much.

❤ Kamber


“Creativity tak…

“Creativity takes courage”- Henri Matisse

Leaving the box of “acceptable”, “digestable”, and “status quo” is not always easy. Sometimes I find myself in this very place- seriously feeling scared to write a song that doesn’t seem to fit a mold! But, why would I do that? As a songwriter, I am the only one who can write my music. It’s like Matisse is saying, “take courage and be yourself”




Thanks Mixtus Media for sharing this wonderful quote!

Black, Blue, and Gray

“Black, Blue, and Gray”, is the second track of Tension & Release, and I think it may be the most important.

This song broke a barrier, or as I like to say, it “broke a portal” in my heart and mind. All of my songs before this one never quite expressed my heart like this one does. It takes all of the intensity and raw energy and expels it like the piercing cry of a newborn child. At least, that’s what I felt when this song fell out of the sky-a “rebirth” of sorts.

BBG started with a picture in my head. A very specific clear picture that came to mind several months before I attended the CMC in Nashville. I knew I needed to write about it, but I never quite found the “right” words or melodies just yet.

The picture kind of looked like this:


An old, abandoned, condemned brick building, alone in a wide open field. I’m kind of shocked that I found this picture on the Internet-it fits the picture in my brain almost perfectly!

I lived in a brick fortress spiritually for a long time. I was blind in so many ways-cold religion and fear shielded my eyes in darkness, and I was bruised with “blues” and “grays” so to speak, because I never considered myself “good enough”.

Until one day, the Truth in my heart, the Truth of the Father’s love, broke through every lie, every twisted thing, and immersed me in His warmth, peace, and love. I was free. Sunlight and grace filled my soul fully, and everything in my Heart was unleashed and I’ve never been the same!

Love is about freedom. Freedom from fear, and freedom from a “performance-based” life. I’m so thankful for this journey. Thank you God.

I see a brick building

Sitting in an open field

No light passes through it

Only what the dark will yield

Black, blue, black, blue, and gray

Black, blue, black, blue, and gray

I locked myself in, and I locked myself out

I shut off my brain, and I shut my heart down

But I won’t shrink back and I won’t second guess

My heart beats loud and it’s pounding in my chest

All this time, I couldn’t see the light of day

All this time, I’ve been living in black, blue, and gray

Breaking through the cold mortar

Scared to see what’s really outside

Despite my fear, I make the first step

I can truly say that freedom is mine

Live, love, life, love, and peace

Life, love, life, love, and peace

The light, the sun, the warmth

The purest love I’ve ever known

The fear is gone, the shame is gone

The purest love I’ve ever known

Now, I want to know your story. Have you ever “lived” in a “brick building”? And somehow, you found your way out?

Listen to “Black, Blue, and Gray” on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/kambermusic

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“My job isn’t t…

“My job isn’t to be enraged. My job is what Chekov said…the proper presentation of the problem. The obligation of the writer, is not to provide the solution to a problem. That’s the obligation is a legislator, a leader, a crusader…we’re not selling, we’re not inviting condemnation. We’re inviting understanding.” Phillip Roth

My songwriter teacher from CMC in Nashville shared this today. Most of the time an artist is pulled in so many directions and constantly expected to defend something or attack something…it’s refreshing to remember that it’s not why we started creating in the first place. ❤ Kamber

Favorite Vocalists

I somehow got on a Google kick and started searching for various “female rock vocalists”. Sometimes, they seem like few and far between…but I got excited again because I remembered how many rock goddesses are out there and how much they influence my music. Here are some incredibly talented musicians that I love! 


Shara Worden- My Brightest Diamond 



Courtney Love- Hole 



Brandi Carlile





Gwen Stefani- No Doubt




Lacey Sturm- Flyleaf (My all-time favorite ^_^)


I love vocalists who give it their all! Each one of these singers has such passion, energy and a fierceness that soars through them! They can’t help but SING. 

WHO is your favorite vocalist??